About Audemars Pigeut (Piguet Audemars), you know how much

Audemars Pigeut (Piguet Audemars) is a Swiss watch national brand, in 1889 held the tenth session of the Paris world exhibition, Audemars Pigeut’s Complication Grand Tuo table, exquisite design has greatly echoed, reputation, audemars piguet first copy watches for men reputation, for the Audemars Pigeut table in the table set a lofty position. Today, Audemars Piguet Audemars and Piguet family fourth generation descendants of leadership and remarkable achievements, won the respected watch connoisseurs and collectors, become one of the world’s top ten list.
Audemars Pigeut (Piguet Audemars), one of the world’s three largest watch brands. Founded in 1875 in the Swiss Jura Valley brassus (Le Brassus village is a local independent family business, is one of the world’s most famous watch factory.

Audemars Pigeut inherit and carry on the traditional Swiss watchmaking essence, has always been adhering to the “master routine, forge the brand concept of innovation”. Each of Audemars Pigeut’s works will be the brand of one hundred years of superb technology concentrated in which, it is the master craftsman’s unremitting investment, has presented a remarkable brand of extraordinary efforts to crystallization.
The flow of time in the hands of Audemars Pigeut’s small but complete, rise above the common herd.
In 1875, the two watchmakers — 22 Jules-Louis Audemars and 24 years old Edward-Auguste Piguet in the Swiss Jura Valley brassus (Le Brassus village jointly founded the Audemars Piguet) brand. Two people adhere to the concept watches audemars piguet replica of a vision for the brand, become an independent school, and left a timeless classic masterpieces. Until today, Audemars Piguet the family business is still by the offspring offspring care, inspired ingenuity of inheritance in the blood, passion on the tabulation process is undiminished.
The spirit of independence in 1972, Audemars Pigeut does not swim more dripping fine display. When the advent of Royal Oak Royal Oak series break cling of the clock and watch industry rules, get rid of the then assuming no tabulation specification. After leading more than 40 years, Audemars Pigeut adhere to the Royal Oak series continues to be consistent from beginning to end, we create a new legend.
Audemars Piguet will more than 100 years to a unique tradition, experience and skills of perfect fusion, continue to go beyond the senior watchmaking established barriers, and redefine existing tab rules of the industry. Audemars Pigeut’s each series has a distinct personality, witness a remarkable and exquisite centuries of watch technology, as well as the brand continues to self breakthrough innovation strength.
Today, Audemars Pigeut has always been adhering to the consistent trend of sustainable development, the preservation of the traditional skills, and promote its promotion and heritage; the continuation of the pursuit of independence and the highest standards of the brand spirit; the pulse of the world trend of the future

Audemars Piguet launched a new series of Royal Oak perpetual calendar

Since ancient times, human beings have been measured by the relative position of the sun and the moon and other stars and constellations. Human beings draw inspiration from the nature of the sun and moon stars, and as a benchmark, the invention of the most ancient time audemars piguet royal oak chronograph replica measurement tools, and set a scientific and accurate timing concept.

The time device with the function of astronomy and calendar has a long history. Since the mid of sixteenth Century, watch and clock has been equipped with various functions including the day of the week, and the moon phase display. To seventeenth Century, mechanical watches and clocks in the end in terms of accuracy and reliability of the breakthrough in the era of two. The calendar of the early astronomical clocks is a simple calendar or calendar (week, date, and month) of our knowledge. They usually has a moon phase display, but cannot be displayed automatically correct for the leap year calendar, also unable watches audemars piguet to automatically identify monthly varying lengths of stay, and corresponds to the date. On the other hand, with the aid of complex micro mechanical device, the calendar function can be in according to the length of automatic calibration date, including in February has 29 days in a leap year year. Calendar function similar to a calendar mechanism of precise calculation device, users do not need to participate in autonomic computing the calendar right mechanism.
By 2015, Swiss high watchmaking brand Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet launched new royal oak series calendar watch, once again become a focus of the much anticipated. New royal oak series calendar watches continue since 2012 the case design to 41 mm THIN watchcase gorgeous debut.
New design clever promotion the “Grande tapisserie” large Plaid dial the overall aesthetics, the perfect embodiment of the calendar display function balanced beauty and clear and easy to read. Dial design covers traditional calendar must display function: display date, week, month, leap year and astronomical precise phase. In addition, the outer ring swiss imitation audemars piguet watch can be displayed in a year of 52 weeks, and collocation central pointer, the function will be measured when the test.
All surface treatment and decoration process with the new Calibre 5134 manual automatic chain produced complete movement:
It is designed for suspension spring box ultra-thin design, decorated with ring gear Geneva lines, decorated with satin polished trim ring.
I ring the main plate texture and all deck all by the chamfer grinding, decorated with the pattern of Geneva. The side surface is polished by a satin finish, and all the inclined surfaces are polished.
22] gold automatic pendulum Tuo engraved with “AUDEMARS PIGUET words, the peripheral part of the decoration to” TAPISSERIE “plaid, and Royal Oak’s classic dial Plaid echo.

Rolex warranty period extended from 2 years to 5 years who watches come with you

“In the morning of July 1st, we received a notice of the company, said the official change of the warranty period, the warranty period extended to 5 years.” Hangzhou Tower Rolex counter salesperson told the evening news reporter yesterday. It is said to have been a guest to enjoy this new benefit. “In June 30th to buy no way, the guarantee period is 2 years. But the old Cellini series except, others enjoy the warranty.” He said.

In fact, as early as 10 days ago, there has been widely rumored that the Rolex will from July 1 onwards, in the global scope of the original warranty period of 2 years extended to 5 years, but when the Qianjiang Evening News reporter polytropic inquire about, get reply has been “we have not yet rolex gmt master ii ceramic received any Rolex official notice, so there is no response. Even in the evening of June 30, Hangzhou tower Rolex counter salesperson also said that did not receive notice, but the manager has the preparation to do. We are also online to see the message.” (confidential work done quite well, it is Rolex’s consistent style. However, generally speaking, the market rumors about Rolex is often true, but no official confirmation).
Indeed, extending the warranty period is a very cautious job for watches. In China, especially in the mature period, watch consumption, four or five years ago to buy the table will gradually enter the maintenance swiss rolex gmt master phase, which will give the brand a lot of maintenance, of course, there are costs. In fact before the Omega is extended warranty period, such as ordinary watch extended warranty for 2 years, the coaxial movement for 3 years and extend the warranty of the movement of silicon gossamer mechanical movement, 9300/9301 for 4 years and then consider actually is because coaxial movement has made full use of to the table in paragraph that will produce some stability problems, so consumers to eat a reassurance.
“Rolex is very good, and very clever. Because the use of Rolex’s people know that the quality of the general as long as the people are not damaged, wearing rolex gmt master sale a little problem for four or five years, so the extension will not bring much pressure. And can give consumers a ‘future long have security’ security.” An industry source said, of course, for the industry, to give a lot of competition pressure that is true. But if other brands want to follow, the cost is very large. This also had to ask them to put a mark on the quality. In a word, it must be a good thing for consumers.”

Diving table for Rolex, OMEGA and drowner hippocampus which is more worth buying?

When diving watch, it must be around but Rolex submariner with OMEGA in the quarrelsome lovers. Rolex and Omega with famous high-end watch brands. The two series are very good diving watch, therefore, have their Replica Watches own fans watch. So, we often encounter such a problem, Rolex and OMEGA in the sub which one would you choose?

Someone mentioned, Rolex lost a lot higher than OMEGA, we have a look first in pricing, OMEGA hippocampus. In hippocampal camp apparently many people, elegant Aqua terra, hale marine universe, dynamic 300 meters diving series and so on, of course, there are 007, GMT series,  rolex cellini replica function not only GMT, timing and antimagnetic, can see hippocampus series and not pure play diving table, of course design are also different styles. And Rolex seems to be more monotonous style, however, because of the reason, because of the classic Rolex same table paragraph for a long time to change a color.
From the appearance, the appearance of the OMEGA hippocampus can be described as rich or even challenge Rolex across the board, OMEGA hippocampus, compared with its series of functional requirements of this series, generally 300 meters waterproof just good. Hippocampus chronograph and Kelpie is no, so hippocampus is waterproof to a depth in a certain extent or reservations; Rolex crown support bridge and the dog tooth bezel is brand characteristics, and Rolex pie luminous scale and classic Mercedes Benz pointer; diving, Rolex is the consumption of design is the ancestor of diving tables, but Omega is also in recent years of diving tables excellence and hippocampus compared cautious Rolex Kelpie, larger size.

Hippocampal design and case back with hippocampal dorsal pattern carved in the back through, Rolex is the plane drawing, but material by Rolex with more strong durable 904L stainless steel, Omega is the ordinary 316L stainless steel. Hippocampal case row helium valve device makes the watch is especially useful in extreme deep diving, just shell radian and angle, making the dial plate condenser, which is the need to balance water refraction rate in poor lighting conditions can be, Rolex Kelpie is not he can.
Rolex sub mariner’s design is a very classic style, dog tooth ring, a scale of the luminous rolex datejust 2 fond noir pie, Mercedes Benz needle, amplification glass calendar often all the branded generics, showing that this style of popular degree.
The chain, hippocampus by tapered strip feeling is very strong, also did some polishing, but easy to scratch; the Hymenocallis chain using 904 solid steel, heavy, there is no sense of too much modification, but wear flowers; 904 steel prices than 316L to you more than three times, so the Kelpie table shell material is very powerful.
In the movement, generally used in the hippocampus is based on ETA 2892-A2 or 7750 chronograph movement changes into your own Observatory level core, Omega individual styles also have their own coaxial, movement is also the very thick possessions; and the Kelpie 313X movement is the observatory, compare the stable code automatic mechanical movement. Two are all Observatory certification movement, so the accuracy is not much difference.
So if you like big table circle, fashion on the election of the hippocampus, of course, the price is rather popular, but there are certain age cousin fans, or choose a old Kelpie more reliable, after all, this style has swept the more than 60 years.

Basel Rolex 2015 new exhibition extended


Rolex Cellini watch series.
“2015 Basel world watches and clocks jewelry Expo Rolex new exhibition”
Rolex is located in the Shanghai Bund only global brand experience center “Rolex world -” the Rolex experience) since June 19, presenting in 2015 Basel world watch and jewelery fair launched a new watch. Exhibition since the opening of the well received so that the original plan to the end of July 12, the exhibition will be extended to July 30, the public can by appointment close-up view of these new watch.
Exhibition highlights
Calendar 40 and the new generation of 3255 type movement
This Rolex main push new week calendar type 40 watch, 950 platinum, 18ct Gold, white gold and eternal rose gold four styles, with ice blue dial and mens rolex watches sale  case grain decorative platinum version of the most dazzling, this color is quite rare in the Rolex, summer wear also points out cool.
Love to explore the movement of the friend may pay more attention to this table equipped with 14 patents new 3255 movement, the movement of the plate all the way through the clockwork spring box wall thickness reduction and overlay design of gear transmission and the new design patent Chronergy escapement system and achieve remarkable energy saving effect, the power reserve has increased to 70 hours. The overall degree of precision, 3255 movement Observatory (COSC) certification is the chronometer is two times higher.
Unique OYSTERFLEX strap
The exhibition of classic navigation watch oyster perpetual yacht Mingshi new 18ct Eternal Rose Gold Black Table section, equipped by a root name for OYSTERFLEX wrapped with super elastic sheet metal hyper elastic rubber strap, black and rose gold classic color, by table fans crazy forwarding. As for the size of 40mm and 37mm which is more attractive, I’m afraid you need to get started to judge.
Gem mosaic technology
This Rolex launched a three equipped with 39 millimeters watchcase, 3235 type movement “Oyster Perpetual log pearl lady” new watch, the glitter of the outer ring inlaid with the 48 star gradated tone Square Cut Sapphire: gradient blue to purple red, blue gradient for green, orange color gradient is yellow. Each section are beautiful.
In addition, launched last year, the style of classical Cellini series, this year by the Jewel Crown, single outer ring and outer double diamond two styles men watches rolex to choose from, the two styles of the outer ring by a ring diamond ring and the classic triangular hole lines outer ring, Rolex classic elements and new design the perfect fusion.
Brand culture experience space
Came to the “Rolex world – World”, in addition to looking at the new watch also don’t miss global only this one brand of historical and cultural experience of space, here, you can through the static display, video, multimedia equipment to understand the brand history, tabulation process and sponsorship activities.

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