Omega 2014 GMT limited edition Tasting

Planet Ocean GMT Series in Basel last year also launched a new watch has some omega bvlgari for sale bright spots, and now we still remember it. Omega this year launched a new table with two models, but the material, the color is slightly different, does this is a new era of closer GMT Omega’s that? My colleague before the array have introduced “The same section of the show orange”, today let small omega moonwatch replica brief introduction While ceramic ring platinum diamond Planet Ocean watch.


While this watch can be said on material selection are top material, the case is crafted in platinum and studded with diamond inside. In fact, this saying is simple, but doing it is very complicated, because these two materials are Omega Replica Watches particularly hard, but also to maintain the accuracy of the scale and grooves, no high technology can not be done. And not just in the case there are diamonds in the bezel, the back has a diamond, a total of as many as 113. With such sophisticated technology to produce the world’s only eight case.
For this watch, plus the option function is not very important, although its function is also very good.

After the launch of its first Co-Axial caliber 1999, Omega kept in improving the technology. While this watch is equipped with the 8615 movement, was born in 2012. It is also self-produced movement Omega coaxial movement in the first family with Sunday calendar display and instantaneous jump function, built-SI14 silicon material gossamer omega speedmaster replica review strengthened shielded sex. Because of technology is very advanced, there may be some places not very mature, so this provides a 4-year Omega service. However, when measured in this series is still very stable walking movement, durability, or to watch for it.


While this watch’s function has been Needless to say, it would have been affirmed. As expensive, not to mention the limited 8 are available to everyone, it is estimated to see one kind are luxuries, and should all object omega swiss waches transparant selection of the rich collection of real time. Its appearance has been very beautiful, built in the movement are also the industry’s best technology, a good table is certain, and only then buy it too difficult.

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