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OMEGA OMEGA super moon phase tables can also be domineering

Since 1965, Omega Speedmaster became NASA every time a manned space mission is an important part and on July 20, 1969 established a reputation. This day, the Apollo 11 lunar module landing on the lunar surface, the buzz – er Delin (Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon, fixed on the astronavigation clothing outside the Speedmaster professional watch will have a special name for the moon phase tables, today, the professional phase table has become synonymous with the Omega Speedmaster watch series.

No one watches out deep exploration spirit more than the OMEGA Speedmaster professional watch. Since 1965, Omega Speedmaster became NASA every time a manned space mission is an important part and on July 20, 1969 established a reputation. This day, the Apollo 11 lunar module landing on the lunar surface, the buzz – er Delin (Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon, fixed on the astronavigation clothing outside the Speedmaster professional watch will have a special Replica Watches Omega name for the moon phase tables, today, the professional phase table has become synonymous with the Omega Speedmaster watch series.
OMEGA launched a new super watch, there are more closely related with the moon. This watch not only with super famous watch series of all time, and with the phase function and date indicator.
The OMEGA Speedmaster professional moon table with a darkened sand stone dial, dial another hour scale. Aventurine is in the smelting process of glass add metal oxides, and the formation of an unusually bright, highly reflective crystal. The same as the moon phase sand stone material, the Pearl moon itself. The date of the pointer to float on the moon phase display above.
Such as the classic table of the moon, the OMEGA Speedmaster professional also OMEGA 1866 movement phase of the moon. This manual on the chain of time table is more modern design features: anti wear sapphire crystal table mirror after two side anti reflective processing; polishing rotary table back with the same with sapphire crystal.
The OMEGA Speedmaster professional Chronograph collocation stainless steel bracelet or leather strap. Polishing and grinding of stainless steel bracelet are paired with Omega patented needle chain system; with one black crocodile leather strap buckle folding table.
This table is a natural association to the NASA six missions, every mission astronauts have to wear Omega Speedmaster. In addition, it will also be shown on the phase of our nearest star on the dial. OMEGA, with the moon soon for 40 years, today launched its moon Speedmaster professional chronograph.
OMEGA was born in 1848, is part of the world’s leading watch group Swatch group. For more than 160 years, OMEGA has become a synonym for excellence, innovation and precision. Faithful to brand origin of the pioneer spirit, perseverance Omega, some fields in sports timekeeping, precision technology and appearance design committed to innovation, the spare no effort to promote the development of watchmaking history and the progress of watchmaking technology. It is such a spirit of innovation, leading OMEGA into the deep sea, traveling in space. For a long time through and golf, bobsled, rowing, track and field and Omega Replica Watches swimming top sports event signed many of the partnership agreement, Omega actively promote sports Chronograph accurate performance, and strive to perfect. Since 1932, Omega has 24 consecutive awarded designated Olympic timing task, the recent two times for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. In the 2012 London Olympics and the 2020 Olympic Games, OMEGA will also be repeated this important task.

George Clooney wearing vintage Omega film “Tomorrow’s World”

In the latest sci-fi adventure movie “Tomorrow’s World”, the world famous movie star, Omega celebrity ambassador George Clooney (George Clooney) wearing a 1958 edition omega replika watch Constellation self-winding chronometer starred Frank Walker (Frank Walker) corner.

“As time is running out, the future is gradually depleted.” In the film, George Clooney’s omega pocket watches remarks about the memory of this action, the fate and timing of large sets the tone.

Omega Constellation 1958, self-winding chronometer

Omega also between Clooney worn on the wrist by virtue of the late 1950s, this style Constellation self-winding chronometer, enjoyed a place in the film. Constellation watch was born in the early fifties, in pursuit of accurate and reliable primary quality. In addition, simple beauty of this classic omega olympic collection design also created an enduring aesthetic style, in today’s watches are also no shortage of common.

Videos are now mens omega seamaster landing in China, you can immediately enjoy the film presented together with the Omega watch the classic visual feast.

Omega Seamaster watch retro elements 300, bearing in mind the classic legend

It is reported that in 1957, Omega (OMEGA) launched the Seamaster 300 watch. This specially designed for underwater diving enthusiasts and adventurers specially designed watch at the time and quickly became the symbol of fashion innovation. Now, watch the legendary Yao Shi omega mens watches return, in with the new technology, but also the year of classic design and explore spiritual tradition continue. Black dial, broad arrow type pointer, unidirectional rotating diving bezel and triangular hour markers embedded omega watches for sale design so watch presents unique CLS.
Omega Seamaster 300 watch has a connotation of excellence, equipped with the new 8400 “to attain coaxial movement” Inherit the coaxial movement Omega Seamaster Automatic has always been accurate and reliable, and the use of Omega revolutionary anti-magnetic technology. So superior quality give the Seamaster 300 watch unmatched pioneering advantage. Omega Ceragold technology is also highly anticipated, this applies unique skills polished bezel can bring exquisite and smooth feel to watch. Watch case unique places Sedna gold to build this unique Omega 18K rose gold alloy so watch presents unique CLS.

1957 Omega special significance, and the advent of the outstanding achievements of its new product lines have triggered a huge impact in the watchmaking industry. To commemorate its past glory, this year’s Omega Seamaster 300 watch with Omega Tourbillon a series of “retro” element bearing in mind the classic legend.
The most eye-catching design calfskin strap for the watch only added to the traditional charm, but also the ultimate smooth touch. Such material for its natural color and grain structure is known, now is also a symbol of vintage omega watches 1970 extraordinary quality. In addition, built-in hour markers covered with retro-style Super-Luminova luminous coating weekdays elegance of view, it exudes the dark blue light.

In a word

With exceptional performance Omega Seamaster 300 watch, you do not need to appreciate excellence seabed Omega Seamaster 300 watch. No matter omega railway watch where, to attain this watch can meet all of your expectations for quality contemporary Omega Watches detail.

Omega 2014 GMT limited edition Tasting

Planet Ocean GMT Series in Basel last year also launched a new watch has some omega bvlgari for sale bright spots, and now we still remember it. Omega this year launched a new table with two models, but the material, the color is slightly different, does this is a new era of closer GMT Omega’s that? My colleague before the array have introduced “The same section of the show orange”, today let small omega moonwatch replica brief introduction While ceramic ring platinum diamond Planet Ocean watch.


While this watch can be said on material selection are top material, the case is crafted in platinum and studded with diamond inside. In fact, this saying is simple, but doing it is very complicated, because these two materials are Omega Replica Watches particularly hard, but also to maintain the accuracy of the scale and grooves, no high technology can not be done. And not just in the case there are diamonds in the bezel, the back has a diamond, a total of as many as 113. With such sophisticated technology to produce the world’s only eight case.
For this watch, plus the option function is not very important, although its function is also very good.

After the launch of its first Co-Axial caliber 1999, Omega kept in improving the technology. While this watch is equipped with the 8615 movement, was born in 2012. It is also self-produced movement Omega coaxial movement in the first family with Sunday calendar display and instantaneous jump function, built-SI14 silicon material gossamer omega speedmaster replica review strengthened shielded sex. Because of technology is very advanced, there may be some places not very mature, so this provides a 4-year Omega service. However, when measured in this series is still very stable walking movement, durability, or to watch for it.


While this watch’s function has been Needless to say, it would have been affirmed. As expensive, not to mention the limited 8 are available to everyone, it is estimated to see one kind are luxuries, and should all object omega swiss waches transparant selection of the rich collection of real time. Its appearance has been very beautiful, built in the movement are also the industry’s best technology, a good table is certain, and only then buy it too difficult.

Omega De Ville launched a new Classic series Splendor watch

Elegant interpretation of the natural inspiration

The new Classic Series Omega De Ville watch the Splendor inspiration from the beauty of nature into elegant butterfly design, a series of elegant Lady Omega Watches charm watch another highly anticipated new products. Dial elegant butterfly pattern inspiration from Chinese traditional culture, a symbol of eternal love and happiness and longevity.

Timeless style

Ville Elegance Butterfly watch its elegant and understated design is unique, inevitably much women cherish, a timeless classic.


Moving the dial

Ville Elegance Butterfly watch dial design has three, each exquisite detail are moving. Two of mother of pearl dial to create, or the butterfly on the diamond omega skeleton watch replica embedded conjugation between 7:00 and 8 o’clock, or visible outline of a butterfly on a transfer matt dial Fritillaria lightly dance. Quartz watches are with silver or champagne dial, decorated with carving process carefully crafted to romolayage unique butterfly pattern on the dial. Romolayage is a mechanical guilloche engraving process, which can produce omega watch copy a rounded frosted pattern. It was decorated with eight or nine diamond hour markers on the dial three.

Gold charm and Junya steel

Ville Elegance Butterfly 18K white gold watch with shiny, red, gold or stainless steel omega watch catalog material to build a low-key, also 18K gold and stainless steel elegant color matching. The series consists of 36.8 mm, 32.7 mm and 27.4 mm in three sizes. Watch with a leather strap with a white satin pearl luster, the smaller the size of the watch case material mix and the corresponding metal bracelet.


Revolutionary Movement

Ville Elegance Butterfly watch equipped with coaxial Omega 2500 movement, this movement is the first use of a coaxial escapement, marking the field of omega sale mechanical watchmaking innovations. In addition, 27.4 mm watch with Omega 1376 quartz movement.

18K gold timepiece interpretation of masterpieces


Omega De Ville watch elegant series Splendour 36.8 mm white mother of pearl dial decorated with butterfly pattern, 9 diamond hour markers embedded in the top of 18K gold bracket. 18K gold bezel set with a sparkling diamonds, mother of pearl presented with shiny white satin leather strap.

18K white gold butterfly romantic dream interpretation

This 36.8 mm watch white mother of pearl dial with butterfly pattern vividly on the eye-catching, the 18K gold inlaid bracket 9 diamond hour markers. 18K white gold case and bezel set with diamonds shine bright Guanghua, white satin leather strap exudes pearl luster, a common interpretation of romantic butterfly dream.
18K red gold to develop their full splendor of elegance

Which Ville Elegance Splendour 32.7 mm watch with 18K red gold case with diamond bezel, 18K red gold bracelet with each other, is a magnificent Splendor family members. The butterfly pattern white mother of pearl dial and embellishment on the equally fascinated. Also on the dial set with nine embedded in the top bracket of 18k red gold diamond hour markers.

Tiny Splendor bold fashion statement

The gold Ville Elegance Splendour 32.7 mm watch themselves freely to the United States, distribution of natural charm. The attractive white mother of pearl dial, polished butterfly in the transfer contour lines and matte background particularly eye-catching. Dotted with 8 diamond hour markers on the dial, and a calendar window at 6 o’clock position. Stainless steel case with 18k gold bezel set with diamonds, with the same material color metal bracelet.