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1. Omega is a Swiss watch manufacturing company Bienne, under Fumika song group, is also a well-known omega watch brands. The Louis Brandt founded in 1848, Omega marks the glorious achievement in the history of watchmaking, show disdain, very delicate.


2. Rolex Go through all the dictionary, not a word to define what we are: not a “traditional”, although our process lasting forever; “unlimited”, the too restrictive; “enduring” that indescribable lasting; “innovation”You can only touch their fur. We create, draw and explore, but we are not explorers, sculptor or painter. We just focus on this, we will continue. Not a word that we can define, for Rolex watch only way.


Audemars Pigeut (Piguet Audemars), one of the world’s three largest watch brands. In 1875, the two watches division Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet watch in Switzerland brassus town (LE) Brassus together create the Audemars Piguet) brand, with great concentration in the production of complex movement. Audemars Pigeut inherit and carry on the traditional Swiss watchmaking essence, has always been adhering to the “master routine, forge the brand concept of innovation”.

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